Here is my collection of posts about 10 Things You Must Give Up to Move Forward. I was motivated by Marc and Angel’s blog post  based on principles by Steven R Covey.

I hope you enjoy reading each one. Please comment if you find something inspiring that you have related to.

Number 1 | Letting the Options of Others Control your Life

Number 2 | The Shame of Past Failures

Number 3 | Being Indecisive About What You Want

Number 4 | Procrastinating About the Goals that Matter

Number 5 | Choosing to Do Nothing

Number 6 | Your Need to be Right

Number 7 | Running Away from Your Problems

Number 8 | Making Excuses Rather than Decisions

Number 9 | Overlooking the Positive Points in Your Life

Number 10 | Not Appreciating the Present Moment

10 things you must give up to move forward based on principles by Steven R Covey

This beautiful poster was originally created by Marc and shared with me on Facebook.