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A New Start

Hi!  What is the most exciting part about deciding on your dreamlines? You get to make a new start. It is like a blank canvas. You get to create a whole new world for yourself. It is a time to focus on you. What do YOU want?

Let’s face it, all of us are busy. We are so flat out just living that we can forget how to have a life. Think about it. We are pulled in so many directions, career, bills and finances, our social life, spending time with our family…the list is endless. With only so many hours in a day and what seems like even fewer hours in our weekend, sometimes we just don’t remember how to have fun. We forget why we are doing it all in the first place.

Angkor Wat at SunriseSo here are some questions for you. When was the last time you purposely set out to have fun? When was the last time you set your heart on that special ‘something’ and put aside money for it instead of just dreaming about it? When did you last take the time to learn something new? Something just for you. Not your career, not because you needed to, because you WANTED to.

How often do you get to truly work on a plan to achieve what you want in your life? To me, that is what Dreamlining is all about. It is not about planning your life to the last detail, it wouldn’t be any fun without the spontaneity that keeps it interesting. It is about making sure that your life is as close to what you want it to be as possible.

So the question is what do you want to BE, DO and HAVE?

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Writing it Down

Writing down your Dreamlines, Goals and Bucket List is the key to getting what you want. I have previously told you the story about finding my Dreamline list and having done everything on it. Now for goals and lists. Or more importantly, writing it down.

When hubby and I took our last mini retirement, we found out while we were overseas that our tenants had kind of trashed our house. There was a decent amount of damage to floors, some creative art on the walls etc etc. The worst was the water damage to our kitchen. We had already decided to renovate it in a few years time when we had the money to pay for it, but this was brought forward very quickly. Life throws the bad at you sometimes, but along with that also comes the good.

We had plenty of time for contemplation at the end of this particular trip. For one, we were traveling slowly, and for seconds, we were caught in a coup in Thailand. As the red shirt riots in Bangkok went nuts and came to a brutal end, people started heading home to Chiang Mai. Holed up in a delightful guesthouse Elliebum whilst Chang Mai was under full curfew, we wrote a list of everything we wanted in our new kitchen, all whilst enjoying the best coffee in Chiang Mai from our host Gade. Both of us have a love of cooking and had some cracking ideas to make a practical and functional workspace. There was also the added pleasure of ripping out our sexy 80s pink kitchen. In Phuket, we spent an afternoon looking at kitchen showrooms for a modern Asian perspective on things. Wow. More ideas were written down and the list ended up being just over 2 pages long.

Our new functional kitchenTwo years down the track I found that list whilst looking for a delicious recipe from Elliebum. I read it out to dear hubby and we were amazed. There was one thing missing from the list – a screw on bottle opener like the cool ones in hotels throughout Asia. We had searched everywhere but couldn’t find one. Everything else we had written down was in our kitchen. We hadn’t even taken the list to the kitchen supplier.

Our dream kitchen had cemented itself in our world. BTW, that is why “Have no mortgage and stay out of debt” is on the Bucket List, the kitchen and house renovation is our mortgage. It is worth it though, cooking in our kitchen is a dream.

What have you written down that has amazed you when you found it later on?

Dreamline Planning Details

Previously I promised to go further into detail about Dreamline Planning. The more you put into the planning process, the more you will get out of it. Using two of the examples from the last post, I will show you the final step in the Dreamlining process.

Your Dreamline Piggy BankDO- Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Total cost $208

TDI (Total Daily Income) required $1.14

STEPS NOW: Set a date to complete climb

TOMORROW: Schedule a date to actually book the climb about 6 weeks out from the chosen climb date

DAY AFTER: Decide on how I will finance this Dreamline

HAVE- Sweet new RGB Computer Monitor for my Digital Scrapbooking business

Total cost $799

Total daily income required $4.38

STEPS NOW: Set up an online savings account and auto transfer money from my transaction account with a scheduled end date.

TOMORROW: Look at alternatives to generate the following income

  • $4.38 TDI (Total Daily Income)
  • $30.66 TWI (Total Weekly Income)
  • $133 TMI (Total Monthly Income)


DAY AFTER: Check scheduled auto transfer has worked and funds are in my chosen account

The two most important differences between Dreamlining and Goal Setting are adding a cost to your dreams and implementing a day by day plan to achieve them.

Dreamline Planning

Putting together a plan to fulfil a Dreamline is a lot of fun. Actually right now is a great time to work on Dreamlining for the next 6 month and 12 month period. So what is it that you really want to BE-DO-HAVE in the next 6 and 12 months? Feel free to share your Dreamline** with our community here (or email me direct at if you want to add pictures) once you have completed it. If you have never done this type of planning before, that is ok, we can do it together. I am due to put together my next collection of goals as my last Dreamline checklist actually finished today.

There is one Dreamline that didn’t get completed though. Strangely enough, I actually was thinking about it today before finding it in my Springpad checklist just then. That shows the power of writing things down. So the only item that didn’t get checked off my list was to get my car detailed. There is a perfectly good reason for that, the last month had a few unexpected expenses on my car thrown in that cost WAY more than a humble detail.

So here is what you need to do. Get 2 x sheets of paper and write 6 months on the top of one and 12 months on the top of the other. Write BE-DO-HAVE  down the side then start writing down ideas in each of these sections.


Finalise the ones you want to keep and find a place to write them down so you can access and see them easily. In my household, they live on the fridge…not that I am saying I am looking at the fridge door often – not at all lol!! So once you have written down what they are, you will need to cost them out. Here is an example of how you do it.

BE- Learn to be a healthy cook.

Total cost $0

Total daily income required $0

Next Step: Search for healthy recipes online and pick a new one to try.

DO- Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Total cost $208

Total daily income required $1.14

Next Step: Set a date to complete climb then schedule a date to book it (about 6 weeks out from the date)

HAVE- Sweet new RGB Computer Monitor for my Digital Scrapbooking business

Total cost $799

Total daily income required $4.38

Next Step: Set up an online savings account and auto transfer money from my transaction account with a scheduled end date.

This is the basic process for putting together your Dreamline worksheet. In my next post, I will go further into the details of each item and what to schedule so that your Dreamline is complete.

** NOTE: The details of your submitted Dreamline will be reviewed before being added to the website.

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Progressing Towards my Dreams

Today has been a day of experiments, discoveries and some forward progress, along with some backwards progress. I have the fortunate pleasure of being in the position to have time to follow my dreams. My Dear Hubby is very understanding and flexible enough to provide me with this opportunity.

For about five years now I have wanted to build my scrapbooking website, but working long days in front a computer meant that I had little left to give at the end of a ten hour day. The past few months were to be my chance to start sinking my teeth into it, but there have been a lot of frustrations along the way. My employer had been continually increasing my hours from the originally agreed two days per week, up to five days per week over the course of the past six months. It has meant little time to work on my projects. In early January, I put my foot down and said no more – back to two days. And nothing happened until this week. Finally a week free to work on my dreams. It is such a relief to feel like I am actually making progress again.

For me, my business will be the basis of my location freedom. I am not afraid of hard work, I would just like to be doing some travel and exploring in between bouts of designing beautiful kits and papers. I am so pleased with the progress I have made so far on putting together the structure of my business. It has all the key elements in assisting me to realise my dreamlines.


  • The scrapbooking business is purely an online entity
  • I can design from my computer anywhere
  • Finished product can be uploaded to the site anywhere I have access to the internet
  • Batching of product creation is possible, such as spending a solid two week block creating product and blog posts, then slowly releasing that product to market over the weeks that follow whilst fulfilling Dreamlines
  • There is no physical product to ship


I love where I live, but I love exploring other countries. Considering most of my remaining Bucket List entries are DO based rather than HAVE based, then freedom to explore is a key component of the lifestyle design I am working on. I don’t expect everyone to be the same, that is why Dreamlining is such an enlightening experience.

Daily Blessings for Today

Bonus extra ongoing income from paid job.

Goals for Tomorrow

Current Business/Financial Goal:

To make $5500 over the next 12 months to cover one year’s worth of expenses on our home if we aren’t living in it

Dreamline Linked to Goal:

Live Overseas

Total Daily Income Required:

$15 per day

My next project is:

Finish website background and integration

The next 3 steps are:

  • Test matching blog in WordPress
  • Create header logo
  • Also, update diary interest sign up on


Emails I need to write:

Finalise and send email to

Things to do Daily:

Exercise in the morning

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Dreamline Diary Entry

Daily Blessings for Today:

Friends who understand how I tick and accept me for who I am

Current Business Goal: 

To make $5500 over the next 12 months to cover one year’s worth of expenses, including mortgage payments on our home if we aren’t living in it.

My next project is:

Redesigning the background and logo for and set up email for this site

The next steps are:

  • Decide on a color scheme
  • Create a background
  • Make matching embellishments for the logo/header area
  • Add email into phone and ipad


Dreamline linked to project:

Live Overseas

Total Daily Income Required:

$15 per day

Things to do Daily:

  • Make two healthy meals in one day
  • Exercise including a beach walk


Calls I need to make:

Book beautician to un-bushy eyebrows…


Don’t just let your Dreams be Dreams

Procrastination is a bad thing really. It holds us back from what we really want and need to get done. For years I procrastinated starting my dream business, and then one day, I just decided that I was going to start. And so I have. I also procrastinated going overseas for the first time. The media made is seem all too scary. Guess what? It was soooo not scary, it was heaps of fun. What about saving all my coins for an iPad? I really wanted one, but I didn’t have the funds to just buy one. So I saved every penny I could find for 8 months, including a few donations from those who knew I was saving, and then I had the pleasure of purchasing it 4 months ahead of the scheduled Dreamline. I don’t need it, but I love it and it was even more sweet to get it after waiting to make the purchase.

One of my dreamlines was to do a cooking class in every country I have been to. I love cooking and I am not a fan of the standard menu of options. And so, each time I am fortunate enough to travel, I book a cooking class. Not only is it fun, but my friends love it when a cook up is on and they can try something new and exotic.


Learning to make delicious Balinese food

Putting off your dreams as life gets in the way, is just another form of procrastination. Sure, there are plenty of roadblocks, but if you never make your dreams a priority who will? Make a start, write down one Dreamline for the next six months. Something not too easy, but not too hard either. Feel free to share it on this blog too if you want to. Really put it out there. Your path to achieving your dreams doesn’t need to involve elaborate muse businesses, second jobs or being a bazillionaire, just the conscious desire to make the dreams that are important to you come true.