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Holding my Ground

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

If you read my post called “The Reason”, you will remember my discussion about life’s curve balls and challenges. My apologies for being a little while between posts, but my hubby ended up having an operation and my priorities have obviously been elsewhere for the past few weeks. 

So today I wanted to discuss holding my ground. Not to get too personal but since dear hubby’s little accident, our income certainly took a nosedive. Generally, my income pays our bills and hubby’s is used for everything else. We are now in week 5 since his big wave wipeout and here is how our finances have gone. 

Week 1 – My regular income plus one full week of sick pay

Week 2 – My regular income plus just a little under one week of sick pay

Week 3 – My regular income plus a little overtime and one week of half holiday pay

Week 4 – A very lean week with about half my pay and half holiday pay (week of the operation)

Week 5 (this week) – A very lean week on my behalf and no more pay left for dear hubby

So what does all this have to do with Dreamlining? Well I have held my ground on my conscious spending plan so that future dreamlines can still be met. With dear hubby homebound and me doing some work from home where possible, our biggest expense, fuel, has dropped dramatically (like about 1/3 the normal cost), and that has allowed us to continue funding our dreamlines – in our case, travel. Sure it has been tight, but we are also not going out for dinner therefore cooking at home instead. We aren’t making extra headway on our other primary dreamline which is paying off the mortgage asap, but 2-3 months of treading water with it doesn’t make a huge difference in the big scheme of things. 

One thing that has inspired me about this whole crappy situation is that I don’t want to delay my dream life any longer. I am more determined to ensure that both our dreamlines are fulfilled. So the question is, how do you motivate yourself to continue moving towards your dreamlines when things get in the way?