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No Travel Planning Required

Thip Boutique Hotel. Pool, gardens, a quiet location, nice balcony and a desk to work at....perfect for business

Pool, gardens, a quiet location, nice balcony and a desk to work at….perfect for business

My longest jaunt overseas was a few years ago now. It was a four month trip. I planned it top to tail including hotels, transfers, a few pre-organized meet ups with friends, as well as a handful of day trips and even a cooking class or three. As many of you may well know, half of the excitement of a vacation is in the planning stages. The time that you have pre-trip to fantasize about everything you will do and see. If you have ever done this, you will know how it happens. Endless hours on the internet finding the perfect hotel and looking for exciting things to do during your holiday. You learn about local customs so you don’t make an idiot of yourself, you get an idea of what is around the area close to your accommodation. You dream of massages and cocktails and delightful dinners in exotic locations.

So when I was chatting to a good friend of mine the other day (Hi Em!), and she asked what I was going to do during my time overseas, my answer was work on my business. I went on to explain to her how strange it was to go away and not actually plan anything. Other than the flight to Thailand, a 36 hour stopover in Singapore and a month of accommodation booked in Krabi, I have no other plans. When I stopped and thought about it, it really hit home that this isn’t a holiday. I am really treating it like a business trip and a semi relocation. I must confess I was a little disappointed that our first month will not be in an apartment as I had hoped, but in a boutique hotel. The upside is that we just out of town, there is a pool and nice gardens, and it is in a small village with few tourists and other distractions. Perfect for getting some work done.

It is kind of cool and weird taking a trip with no travel planning required. It is also a new experience to buy a one way ticket. After reading a lot of travel and location independent business blogs, many others experience a wide range of emotions when they find themselves in this rather fortunate position. It means you can be flexible with your plans and take in as much or little as you want of a new culture. At the end of the day, I could be away for a week or a year – who knows? I have saved enough for 6 months including all home based expenses. But if I start making an income from my business ideas, that could change. Over the weekend I spent some time reading my business journal from late 2011 to early 2012 this was a time when my frustration was at an all time high. This was because I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to working on my business. I wanted nothing more than a 2 month shot at designing product and getting my business off the ground. This time coming up is my opportunity to say I gave it a good shot and threw everything I could at it. If I succeed or fail, it doesn’t really matter. Whilst I would prefer to be successful, at least I will never die wondering what if…

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Location Independence is Happening

Ao Nang Beach Krabi

Ao Nang Beach Krabi. Image by

I wanted to share just how grateful I am for the opportunities that I have available to me. They are opportunities that many of us in fact share.

I was listening to a podcast with Maneesh Sethi and Sean Ogle yesterday and part of their conversation was how even 7 years ago, many of the tools available to Lifestyle Designers and Location Independent professionals were simply not available. It is easy to understand how even a half generation in front of us, and sometimes even our own generation, struggle to understand the concepts behind creating cash flow through online means. It takes a lot more strength to go against the grain of what is still considered normal than it is to sit back in a comfy 9-5 job. They also spoke of slow travel and online communities supporting each other through varying networks.

So, here is the list of what I am thankful for:

  • The internet as a tools to become an entrepreneur whether location independent or not
  • The ease and low cost of international travel relative to 10-15 years ago
  • Having the right country on my passport. I really feel for those who want to travel and see the world, but are severely restricted because of the country in which their passport was issued.
  • A loving husband who understands where I am coming from and what I want to achieve
  • A quiet office at lunch time to write this post
  • The online community of location independent entrepreneurs without whom I would feel even more left of centre than I already do


I am so excited to have the chance to be able to take some time out and focus on my business – and from an exotic location. Actually, it isn’t even chance to be honest. It has been a well thought out, well prepared plan that has now come to fruition. We have also saved every cent we have with steel focus for the past four months. This upcoming time for me is not just a jaunt around the globe or an indefinite wander. It is my time to focus hard on my business and have a real go at making a success of it. I am not expecting world beating income three months into the project. Whilst that would be nice, it is not realistic. But if 3-6 months from March I had achieved somewhere between a third and half my current income, then I will know that there is merit in pursuing my business further. I will also be able to tick ‘live overseas’ off my bucket list.

Another aspect of this trip I am looking forward to is spending time in a small community. Whilst I am heading to Krabi province, I am not going to be staying right in the tourist area of Ao Nang. Instead, our home will be in the small village of Ao Nammao about 5kms from Ao Nang. I am sure we will get to know the locals in the village and hopefully form some wonderful bonds. I am also trying to learn more Thai language before I go. It is so hard! Hopefully though in the couple of months between now and 11 March, I will have learned enough to be able to have some conversations, or at the least, be able to ask for what I want or need.

I think our generation is a groundbreaking one. Testing the assumptions that the previous, and many in our current generation hold close. We will fail? Probably. We will rejoice at having tried? Definitely. We will experience more than we could ever possibly have imagined? Absolutely.


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Why it is Important to Set Goals

Dont be afraid to set big scary goals

Setting goals and objectives seems like a logical thing to do at this time of year. The new year gives us a renewed sense of hope and inspiration and if the past year hasn’t been one of your best, then it feels like a new start. There are plenty of ways to tackle setting important goals. Here are a few ideas:

  • Search for tips for setting goals
  • Use a setting goals template or setting goals worksheet
  • Read a heap of quotes on setting goals and find your inspiration
  • Find a good goal setting website and get some cool ideas
  • Use a SMART goal template or…


Or you can set Dreamlines! This is something my husband and I did just after Christmas. You have seen the rough dreamline that I posted in Making Excuses Rather than Decisions. So far, my progress with this rough outline is:

6 Months

HAVE: I have bought my laptop, but at this moment, I can’t afford a phone too. The laptop was a higher priority though my current phone has a nasty habit of freezing and turning itself off after I updated it. Not happy

DO:  No cute baby orangutan yet

BE: A business owner not employee. I have now made the firm decision to cease paid employment as of 1 March and give my scrapbooking business a fair crack. Which leads me to….

12 Months

BE: Well, I am the owner of an online business, I just haven’t launched, therefore I am not currently making money

DO: Live overseas for a minimum 3 month period. My new year’s resolution, if there is such a thing, was to book a one way ticket and I have in fact done that. Yippee!!

HAVE: Half my mortgage paid off. This one will depend entirely on income. If the business doesn’t make enough mone in 6 months time, I will obviously consider a real job again, if and only if my basic living expenses are not being met. If they are and the minimum repayments are being made of the mortgage, I will focus on business not employment.

Here are my specific Dreamlines for the next 6 and 12 months.

6 Months


-Galaxy Note 2 Phone. Cost per day $4.12 or $750 in total. That by the way is the cost of a return ticket somewhere… scary.


- Learn stand up paddle boarding. Cost about $60 to hire a board or free if I go to a demonstration day. Daily cost $0.33

- Snorkel on Phi Phi Island again and stay overnight. Cost about $150? Daily cost $0.83


- Able to speak Thai enough to get me by and have a bit of a conversation with the locals

- Confident and fast scrapbooker so I can make products for my business easily rather than struggling like I currently do.

12 Months


- Financially self sufficient. To me this means that my bills and living expenses are paid through my business not employment. Cost $0. Just lots of hard work


- I don’t have any particular things I want to do yet. The next six months will be exciting enough!


- Business generating $1000 per week. This is well above my current wage.

- Self Sufficient House. Whilst I still have to pay access to utilities etc, I would like to add to our solar panels so we have no electricity bill and also add solar hot water along with water tanks to support our use. We would still have to pay water access, but not excess usage. We aim to do this through Income Tax Returns at the end of financial year. Total cost $5000. Daily cost $13.70 per day.

So the total income per day that I need to generate on top of my regular expenses is $18.98. Not much actually. I would love it if that income came from business obviously. Rather than doing any of those general goal setting things that I mentioned before (Search for tips for setting goals, Use a setting goals template or setting goals worksheet, Read a heap of quotes on setting goals and find your inspiration, Find a good goal setting website and get some cool ideas or use a SMART goal template), you can set Dreamlines and clearly see exactly what the cost of your dreams really is.

Treat your life like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Set Dreamlines that excite and inspire you and then work hard at making them happen. So, have you set your dreamlines yet? If you have great! You can comment below and don’t forget you can share them with our community here. If you haven’t, then there is not better time than now.

Not Appreciating the Present Moment

I have been inspired by Marc and Angel’s 10 Things You Must Give up to Move Forward based on principles by Steven R Covey. It was shared by a very good friend of mine through Facebook. So I have decided to put myself out there and write my thoughts on each of the 10 things based on my personal experience and opinion.

Sun Rays Shining over the Ocean

Imagine this image over land not sea – stunning!

Number 10 | Not Appreciating the Present Moment

The greatest part of life is made up of the little things. Each precious moment that you are here on earth is an absolute blessing. It can be difficult to remember to “stop and smell the roses” at times, especially when a busy life, job and family calls. It is so important to stop and take stock of moments regularly.

There is a forgotten art in appreciating all that your life is offering you. Have you told that special person lately that you love them? How long has it been since you went barefoot and enjoyed the sensation of being out of shoes? When did you last daydream and think of all the things you have enjoyed and appreciated? When did you last have a long meal with friends and laughed so hard you nearly burst?

We are often so busy striving for success, ensuring that we are achieving and maintaining what we think is expected of us at work or at home. Thing is, we seldom remember to enjoy the moment.

I remember one time I was on the long drive home from work when suddenly the clouds split and the sun’s rays shone from one end of the earth to the other. I pulled the car over and just watched the sky turn it on in amazement. It was pure beauty.

Another time whilst driving home, I could literally see the “highways” in the sky. Four northbound jet streams and three southbound ones. I must confess, I have a bit of a thing for jet streams and this day was sensational. I damn near ran off the road watching them.

There are plenty of small things in life that can brighten up even the crappiest of days. Share your thanks and appreciation when someone does something for you and makes your day a little better. Another top tip is to find a quiet spot for 5 – 10 minutes a day and think about the wonderful things in your life. Take more time if you can. Pick a time of day that you love for your personal time. Me, I love the stillness of late evening, when all distractions are gone and everything is quiet.

Having something to look forward to in life can really help you take joy in the journey. Whether it is something small like doing your favorite activity on your next day off, or something major like buying a house or taking a vacation. These drivers in your life give you something to work towards and can help you appreciate the mundane moments in time.

Personally, I have an exciting year coming up. But right now I am concentrating on doing a great job in my current temporary work position. Whilst I don’t like the early morning starts, every day I appreciate that this work is allowing me the opportunity to travel very soon.

(My Mini Retirement is inspired by Tim Ferriss and The Four Hour Work Week)





10 things you must give up to move forward based on principles by Steven R Covey

10 things you must give up to move forward based on principles by Steven R Covey