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Smash your Dreamline List Today in 5 Fast Steps

Seriously lacking the motivation at the moment to work on your Dreamline list? Here are 5 Steps You Can Take Today to Smash your Dreamline List.

Step 1 – Go find your Dreamline List

You know the one you wrote out six months ago and shoved in your underwear drawer? The list you forgot all about despite staring into space at work and thinking about those very Dreamlines that you wrote down. 

Couldn’t find it? Ya goose! Now you need to sit down and write them out. You might need a beer or wine to help you along, or is that just me? Can’t remember how? Here is how to write out your Dreamline List. Now hurry up and get back here.

Step 2 – Cross it off

Have you actually done anything on the list? Yippee if you have! You are crack-a-lacking! Mark it off with a big fat red texta. Red is better because it makes you cross a Dreamline off your list like a boss

Smash Your Dreamline List in Red Texta Like a Boss

Step 3 – Put a price on it

Make sure you have priced your Dreamline List. Not everything will need a cost, but you have gotta know how much moulah you are up for to make this happen. If you want to check that you did it right, check out the Dreamline Planning Details post if you need Dreamline examples.

Step 4 – Take Action

Write down 3 things you can do today to move towards something on your Dreamline List. Who can you call, what can you research, what appointments can you book, can you write an email. Moving forward and getting your dream life means you need to take action to make it happen. Action = success.

Step 5 – Plan for Tomorrow

Before you go getting all snugly in your pajamas tonight, look through your Dreamline List again and write down the next 3 things you are going to do tomorrow to make it happen.

Now keep repeating steps 4 and 5 daily until you start gaining momentum. Once you start seeing your success and those big red texta marks, you won’t want to stop. Also, at least once a week go back to your Dreamline List and check over it. Make sure you are on track. If you can, stick a copy of it somewhere you will see it everyday without fail. The refrigerator and the toilet are two places that come to mind.

Want more?? Click for more Dreamlining Motivation




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36 Hours in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore at night

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore at night

I can’t tell you how much I love hanging out in Singapore. Warm days, balmy nights and a big city filled with ever changing wonders always brings on excitement. Coming from a small beach side village of 1500 people, and four hours away from the nearest big city, is it any wonder that I love it?

A few days ago, we landed in Singapore. The first stop prior to settling into Thailand for a few months. For me, Singapore is the perfect blend of east meets west. It is safe, there is heaps to do, the food is sensational and did I mention shopping? For someone who doesn’t get to the city very often, it is like Christmas morning. We decided to do a whirlwind visit to catch hubby up on the few things he has missed since he was last there – namely Gardens by the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands development.

After a late landing, we dumped our bags and headed to a hawker centre for Hainanese Chicken Rice – a signature dish in Singapore. It was already late, however we managed to put our order in just minutes before the centre closed. With a belly full of delicious chicken we walked back to the hotel to crash out in bed for the night.

First thing the next morning we hit Mustafa Centre in Little India, a crazy 24 hour mega store filled to the brim with ever possible product imaginable. This place is enormous. I love the rush and chaos of it all – the perfect wakeup call on a morning where sleep would have been nicer, but not nearly as much fun. Next we hit Sim Lim Square to check out the latest electronics to drool over. Eight levels of high tech heaven. My credit cards stayed put, but checking out all that is new and funky put a big fat smile on my face.

That was all before lunch. 

A quick snack and we were off to the new Gardens by the Bay. I had been there last year, but hubby hadn’t. He was in awe at the size of the gardens and stunned at the caliber of the two glass garden domes. If you haven’t heard about these domes, one is filled with flowers and plants from around the world. Even if you didn’t like flowers, the displays are stunning. The second dome it teeming with rainforest plants and orchids plus a massive 7 storey waterfall as the main feature. Outside these domes are acres of plants and gardens from all over the world surrounding a collection of Super Trees. The Super Trees are steel trees the size of buildings with masses of orchids growing up the sides. One of the trees has a lift to take you up to a sky high boardwalk where the views of Singapore and Marina Bay Sands are phenomenal.

Starving hungry after hours on our feet, we checked out Marina Bay Sands Complex. Relaxing for an hour or so while we had a late lunch gave us a bit of a break and some time to cool down. We waited until dark to venture outside to the waterfront to watch a water, sound and light show held on the edge of the river. Dinner was over at Clarke Quay before heading back to the mad streets around Bugis for a cool drink before going back to our hotel.

We had the best day but really burnt it at both ends. After hubby’s knee injury last year, he pulled up pretty sore and when I removed my Vibrams, I had a blister the size of a large coin on the ball of my foot.

Singapore had finally broken us.

So what do you love or hate about Singapore?
Tell me your views in the comments below.
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Aussie Summer Fun

I have a serious post sitting there ready to go, but heck this is just a heap more fun. Here in Australia it is summer and as you may know, Aussie’s don’t generally take themselves too seriously. This guy Spandy Andy originally from Canada and now a glorified Australian is showing the world how to have some serious Aussie Summer Fun. Andy is spreading positivity and fun around the world.

Here is one of his videos: