The Cost of Living in Ao Nang Thailand. Buying food at the local markets is cheaper than eating out

The Cost of Living in Ao Nang Thailand. Buying food at the local markets is cheaper than eating out

The Cost of Living in Ao Nang Thailand

Now we have settled into our groovy little digs in Ao Nammao Thailand, we are starting to get a bit of an idea about the cost of living in Ao Nang Thailand. Previous trips have seen us go nuts on a 2 week vacation. You know the type. All you can eat buffets, shopping til you drop and drinking cocktails day in day out. Now we are here as digital nomads, things are a little different.

We are paying more for our accommodation than we probably should be (1000 Baht or about $30 per night), but we have gone for easy access to the tourist areas with local transport. The last time we were in Thailand, hubby had a little motorbike accident, and so we aren’t willing to risk hiring one again. After seeing some well bandaged people last time we were in town and meeting a lady yesterday who had a mishap on our local roundabout, we remember why. This made us decide to stay closer to transport options. Others we have met pay around 10,000 Baht per month, so at the moment we are paying about 3 times that. On the plus side, we have a great size room, quiet air conditioning, a pool and excellent wifi.

Because we aren’t hiring a motorbike, we are saving between 150-200 Baht per day on short term transport. We also only head into the main beach area about once a week at a cost of 80 Baht for both of us.

Hubby is in charge of the food budget and is doing a most excellent job I might add. He is really helping us to track the cost of living in Ao Nang Thailand. We are paying for all of food every day as we don’t have any meals included. Breakfast is generally fruit which costs around 40 baht for both of us. We go to the local market twice a week to stock up on fruit. Our current difficultly is that we have mostly restaurants around us and not very many street stalls. There is a stall where we can get a small bag of cooked sweet potato and banana for around 20 baht. It is a down side to being a bit out of the way. We sometimes buy some drinks and/or snacks like nuts etc 40-50 baht per day. Dinner is somewhere between 210-270 baht depending on what we have and how hungry we are. We budget a total of 500 baht per day which at the moment we seem to be getting by on easily. That is for 2 of us and it equates to around $115 per week. When we get a bus into town, we take the 80 baht cost out of our food budget, so really our transport cost is minimal.

After eating out at the local market yesterday, our food cost for the day was only about 300 baht for both of us. Unfortunately the markets are only on twice weekly.

Next month we will be moving into Ao Nang for a few weeks. Our expenses will be about the same, but with far better options. There are a lot more street sellers in the Ao Nang area and each time we have eaten in there, it has cost a decent bit less than it has eating around Ao Nammao.

So at the moment, our cost is around $1500 per month for both of us. We are hoping to reduce that once we get out of this region and into either Bangkok or Chiang Mai. This level of spending is at least $500 more than we would like to be paying to continue our long term adventures. By May it should settle down once we accustom ourselves to Thailand prices, market foods and the best way to go about things. Reducing our costs also reduces the first financial goal in our business ventures.  Hopefully this gives you an idea of cost of living in Ao Nang Thailand for two adults.