Putting together a plan to fulfil a Dreamline is a lot of fun. Actually right now is a great time to work on Dreamlining for the next 6 month and 12 month period. So what is it that you really want to BE-DO-HAVE in the next 6 and 12 months? Feel free to share your Dreamline with our community here (or email me direct at admin@dreamlinediary.com if you want to add pictures) once you have completed it. If you have never done this type of planning before, that is ok, we can do it together. I am due to put together my next collection of goals as my last Dreamline checklist actually finished today.

There is one Dreamline that didn’t get completed though. Strangely enough, I actually was thinking about it today before finding it in my Springpad checklist just then. That shows the power of writing things down. So the only item that didn’t get checked off my list was to get my car detailed. There is a perfectly good reason for that, the last month had a few unexpected expenses on my car thrown in that cost WAY more than a humble detail.

So here is what you need to do. Get 2 x sheets of paper and write 6 months on the top of one and 12 months on the top of the other. Write BE-DO-HAVE  down the side then start writing down ideas in each of these sections.


Finalise the ones you want to keep and find a place to write them down so you can access and see them easily. In my household, they live on the fridge…not that I am saying I am looking at the fridge door often – not at all lol!! So once you have written down what they are, you will need to cost them out. Here is an example of how you do it.

BE- Learn to be a healthy cook.

Total cost $0

Total daily income required $0

Next Step: Search for healthy recipes online and pick a new one to try.

DO- Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Total cost $208

Total daily income required $1.14

Next Step: Set a date to complete climb then schedule a date to book it (about 6 weeks out from the date)

HAVE- Sweet new RGB Computer Monitor for my Digital Scrapbooking business

Total cost $799

Total daily income required $4.38

Next Step: Set up an online savings account and auto transfer money from my transaction account with a scheduled end date.

This is the basic process for putting together your Dreamline worksheet. In my next post, I will go further into the details of each item and what to schedule so that your Dreamline is complete.

** NOTE: The details of your submitted Dreamline will be reviewed before being added to the website.