Costa Rica Toucan

Holy smokes Batman, I just had an epiphany. One could call it a brain fart, but in fact it was far more intelligent than that. At least I think so.

I would never admit that I am middle aged, merely thirty, flirty and thriving. OK maybe thirty something. Plus a little bit. And maybe only flirty with my hubby and a little cheeky with everyone else. Thriving? Hell yeah and loving it.

Occasionally my crazy little thirty something brain goes into overdrive. You would think I was an introvert. Someone who contemplates a lot. Actually  I am, but I digress. The thought of retirement scares the bejeezers out of me. In fact, to put it out there to the world, I don’t believe in retirement. (I do still believe in Santa Clause though because if you don’t he doesn’t come). I prefer to slide through life slightly sideways and enjoy mini retirements. I have been upping the ante on these. A two month retirement, and a four month one, with a couple of nasty little two week holidays thrown in. Actually these can be kinda fun because you can go all hell for leather and do everything all at once. And NOW there is the delightful little one way ticket that I hold in my hand ready for departure in a smidge under a month. Looooonnnnngggggggg mini retirement here we come.

Focus Bec!…How is it that I keep digressing? Are you sure you aren’t out there being all sneaky and throwing around bright and shiny objects at me?

So, back to my epiphany. I had a teeny little freak out a month or so back. It went something along the lines of this:

“So, you are nearly 40 you know, what about retirement. You just aren’t planning for your future.” Then there is this long and boring conversation about cash flow, pensions, saving for retirement. Blah blah blah. My brain switched itself off immediately as you can well imagine. It is not that I am an ignorant biatch, I just didn’t feel inclined to buy into someone else’s fears. And nearly 40? Not in my head. Then the foolish brain waves started and I did buy into the fear. Albeit briefly.

The remedy?

Firstly there was a phone call to my older sister. She is a bit of a hippy and was like “who cares about retirement – just go have fun. I couldn’t give flying fluff about it. Planning? Hell no”. I immediately loved her even more at this point.

Secondly, I heard Natalie from the Suitcase Entrepreneur interview Nadine Hays Pisani from Happier than a Billionaire. WOW light bulb moment. I read Nadine’s book “Happier Than a Billionaire: Quitting My Job, Moving to Costa Rica, and Living the Zero Hour Work Week” about 18 months ago and clearly missed the crucial element of the book: The Zero Hour Work Week. The bit where she tells the devious little secret that divulges how she could live in Costa Rica working zero hours. Seriously I can be that stupid. In the podcast interview however, it was all so clear. Her and hubby sold everything, the business, the house, the whole shebang and moved to Costa Rica. Selling her stuff meant ten years of living in Costa Rica without working a single hour. 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe I didn’t put two and two together – dumbass. That got me thinking…

I whipped out the calculator, Excel was overkill for this kind of excitement, and tallied it up if hubby and I were to do the same. The answer came out at 21.5 years.

I was stunned.

That estimate hadn’t even taken into account compulsory retirement savings that are forced in Australia through Superannuation (401K if you are doing it American Style – I have no idea what the equivalent is in Gangnam Style…. PSY might know).

Now I am not saying that I am going to sell everything and move to Costa Rica, though it would be nice. Being blissfully married means a certain level of compromise and a groovy travel partner who also happens to double nicely as a 6’4” bodyguard. This newfound information immediately made me feel deliriously happy about the future. All of my concerns about the immense changes in our life this year magically faded. In fact, I bounced in the door after work with a big fat grin on my face. I am sure hubby thought I must have been possessed by Tigger. And he might just be right