How to be happy? Start Dreamlining

How to be Happy

Have you ever spent time wondering how to be happy? Is happiness like an illusion that keeps disappearing every time you get close? Finally, after years of wondering, I have finally found the answer.

And it was not what I thought it would be.

See, I am generally an optimistic person. The glass is always half full. But I have always been striving to be outrageously happy, and failing miserably.

Then last week, the answer came upon me.

Happiness is a fleeting illusion and here is why:

“Buddhists advocate that contentment is a more achievable state than happiness. If we reflect on the catalysts in our lives that have generated happiness, buying a new car, passing an exam, falling in love to name a few examples, I’m sure we would discover these states are temporary, impermanent and therefore … unsustainable.” Source: Addicted 2 Success

If you think about this for a few minutes, it makes perfect sense. Sugar highs only last for so long before we come crashing down. What I personally gained from this statement is that it is ok to be content. There is nothing wrong with it, and in fact, it is quite normal.

The Dreamlining Process and How to be Happy

One aspect of happiness that is really vital is to keep the baseline of contentment in check. Dreamlining can really help with this. We all have to go through some sort of daily grind, so making sure you are dreamlining, can really enhance the ‘baseline’ happiness in your life. If you are doing the things you love, becoming the person you want to be and working towards having the things you want in life, you will kick your level of contentment up a notch. There will always be spikes in happiness. It is only natural.

So, instead of telling you how to be happy, it is more important to tell you to start dreamlining to increase your general level of contentment. Learn how to Dreamline.

Share with us in the comments which dreamline you are going to tackle next.

p.s. I am tackling one of my dreamlines this month – studying web and graphic design…in Bangkok! I am doing my training with the delightful Carl at Web Courses Bangkok