I have been inspired by Marc and Angel’s 10 Things You Must Give up to Move Forward based on principles by Steven R Covey. it was shared by a very good friend of mine through Facebook. So I have decided to put myself out there and write my thoughts on each of the 10 things based on my personal experience and opinion.

Listen to your Heart

10 Things you Must Give Up to Move Forward – Letting the Opinion of Others Control your Life

Number 1 | Letting the Options of Others Control your Life

This is the first on the list and of the whole list, this one resonated with me the most. I often feel torn between the life I truly want and the life that I feel is expected of me. Here’s the thing, I am scared of what my family will think. I don’t care about what anyone else thinks, except my family. They say that they just want us to be happy, and I am sure they do. But it seems that they want us to be happy on their terms not ours. Neither my husband or I want to be in the one job for 20 years. At the moment I love the temp work that I am doing. I feel like I am saving money towards travel at a rate of knots, and I am learning new skills too. I just don’t want to do it forever. I want to build my business and take a 3 month break or longer next year to do it. I would love it if the income from my business could support me and I had control over my finances and future, not someone else. I have built my business idea “backwards” – started with the end in mind.

I want to have complete freedom of location to be able to either be at home to spend time with family and friends, or live overseas for a few months at a time. I will always want to come home, it is a great spot to hang – but I yearn for adventure too. Seeing new things, tasting new foods and experiencing all the cultures the world has to offer. I get itchy feet if I am on the ground too long.

I might want to have it all. I might have unrealistic expectations of what I can achieve, but I listen to the people who are living aspects of my dream life and I feel like I am not alone.

Deep down, I don’t want my family to disapprove of me for making the choices to live the life I want. I don’t expect them to understand, but I would love their support. So how do I move on from this? Well for starters I am going to do it all anyway regardless.

I do think that my ideas are worth pursing and I do think that ultimately they will lead me in the direction that I expect they will. My absolute motivation for all of these life decisions is to spend time with the people I love – my friends and family, and most of all, my husband.

All we have in this world is the time we have left, nothing more nothing less. As I mentioned in my previous post about The Universe, at the end of my time on earth, no one will care how much money I have or don’t. No one will care about my career or any of my other decisions that have lead me to the life I have chosen. The only thing that anyone will care about is the time I spent with them while I was alive, because that is what they will remember. And so there is every reason on earth to pursue the life I want, so I can give that back to the people I choose to care about and spend time with. And that includes my family…

10 things you must give up to move forward based on principles by Steven R Covey

10 things you must give up to move forward based on principles by Steven R Covey