Ao Nang Beach Krabi

Ao Nang Beach Krabi. Image by

I wanted to share just how grateful I am for the opportunities that I have available to me. They are opportunities that many of us in fact share.

I was listening to a podcast with Maneesh Sethi and Sean Ogle yesterday and part of their conversation was how even 7 years ago, many of the tools available to Lifestyle Designers and Location Independent professionals were simply not available. It is easy to understand how even a half generation in front of us, and sometimes even our own generation, struggle to understand the concepts behind creating cash flow through online means. It takes a lot more strength to go against the grain of what is still considered normal than it is to sit back in a comfy 9-5 job. They also spoke of slow travel and online communities supporting each other through varying networks.

So, here is the list of what I am thankful for:

  • The internet as a tools to become an entrepreneur whether location independent or not
  • The ease and low cost of international travel relative to 10-15 years ago
  • Having the right country on my passport. I really feel for those who want to travel and see the world, but are severely restricted because of the country in which their passport was issued.
  • A loving husband who understands where I am coming from and what I want to achieve
  • A quiet office at lunch time to write this post
  • The online community of location independent entrepreneurs without whom I would feel even more left of centre than I already do


I am so excited to have the chance to be able to take some time out and focus on my business – and from an exotic location. Actually, it isn’t even chance to be honest. It has been a well thought out, well prepared plan that has now come to fruition. We have also saved every cent we have with steel focus for the past four months. This upcoming time for me is not just a jaunt around the globe or an indefinite wander. It is my time to focus hard on my business and have a real go at making a success of it. I am not expecting world beating income three months into the project. Whilst that would be nice, it is not realistic. But if 3-6 months from March I had achieved somewhere between a third and half my current income, then I will know that there is merit in pursuing my business further. I will also be able to tick ‘live overseas’ off my bucket list.

Another aspect of this trip I am looking forward to is spending time in a small community. Whilst I am heading to Krabi province, I am not going to be staying right in the tourist area of Ao Nang. Instead, our home will be in the small village of Ao Nammao about 5kms from Ao Nang. I am sure we will get to know the locals in the village and hopefully form some wonderful bonds. I am also trying to learn more Thai language before I go. It is so hard! Hopefully though in the couple of months between now and 11 March, I will have learned enough to be able to have some conversations, or at the least, be able to ask for what I want or need.

I think our generation is a groundbreaking one. Testing the assumptions that the previous, and many in our current generation hold close. We will fail? Probably. We will rejoice at having tried? Definitely. We will experience more than we could ever possibly have imagined? Absolutely.