Finally Location Independent in Thailand. The view from our Ao Nammao Home

Finally Location Independent in Thailand.
The view from our Ao Nammao Home
in Krabi Province

Dreamline: to become Location Independent in Thailand.

There is something to be said about taking life by the balls and finally doing something fulfilling. That one thing you have been yearning for. Like a dull ache in the back of your consciousness that often gets pushed away as you go through the motions. For the most part, life is like Groundhog Day. Same shit, different day. It will always be that way, unless you make a choice. Life is full of choices. A latte or a cappuccino. The blue dress or the green one. White wine or red (I prefer white by the way). Get up and go to work or tell the boss where to go. The list is endless. It is all a choice.

It is the point in your life when the dull ache becomes a lions roar that wakes you up in the middle of the night, that you know the decisions you make need to start changing. For years the roar bugged me. I was neither happy nor unhappy, just indifferent. And that is a crappy place to be. Pin pointing where the apathy was coming from was like finding a needle in a haystack. Bloody impossible.

There was a little hint in my life once. Something I didn’t quite catch in its fleeting moment of existence. It was as gentle as a butterfly brushing past my skin. What was it? A massive positive energy exuding from a friend one afternoon. It seems insignificant, but the feeling I felt at the time haunted me for years. We had a visit from international friends. They had just arrived at our apartment and I had parked my car after a punishing day in the high stress job I had at the time. Jasmine bounced over to me like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, massive smile on her face and with a glow that looked like rays of sunshine radiating from her. I was flat, and she was glowing.

I wanted that.

The hint wasn’t enough for me to figure out the full story. It wasn’t until I had read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss that I knew deep down what I wanted. To live as a location independent in Thailand. To be able to travel and work from anywhere.

To have options.

Options encompasses so much. Freedom of time, the ability to work on projects that are exciting, relief from the monotony of Groundhog Day and to increase energy from loving life rather than having it drained away during endless high stress work days.

Finally achieving the Dreamline of being location independent in Thailand and living in a foreign country feels so damn good. The relocation is only part of the whole of this story though. Meeting like minded professionals that are location independent is another part to this story. Removing the isolation of this move and connecting with people who understand where we are coming from is another part of this puzzle. Through putting it out there, we made the most amazing connections just last night. We met so many people doing what we want to believe was really possible for us. And it is.

18 months has been the time frame from the pipe dream of making this move to actually doing it. We sacrificed a lot in that time. We pulled the financial reins in tighter than most people would be comfortable with. But it feels so exciting to finally be able to say we are Location Independent in Thailand. The next challenge is to make it sustainable by building an online income. Then our options will be bound only by our imagination.

My message to you is to make the choice to create your dream life. Be patient, live with the sacrifices and it will happen.