Questioning the Rules of Life? What path will you take?

Questioning the Rules of Life?
What path will you take?

Questioning the Rules of Life

The rules of society suck.

Laws are good, I like a bit of peace and order in my world, but unwritten rules suck. And people are questioning the rules of life. Let’s see if any of these sound familiar:

Do the best you can at school so you can get a good job

Don’t fail – ever

Don’t make the same mistakes your parents did

Stay in your good, secure 9-5 job no matter what

Invest for the future

Take a job in line with your intelligence

You can’t travel long term with kids

You have to have a big fancy house with the white picket fence

You need to have a husband/wife to be happy

What we can achieve is very limited, so it is foolish to have bigger expectations that the ‘normal’ ones

So often people arrive at a certain point in their life and wonder how the hell they ever got there. The answer is a very simple one – every choice you have ever made has lead you to arrive at this point. What needs to be questioned is the influences behind the choices. Society, parents, friends and media all have an unwritten ‘say’ in how we live our life.

As a child, it is hard to be in a position to stand up for yourself. We are, after all, taught to respect our elders within the context of the culture we have grown up in. When we are given messages such as ‘be seen and not heard’ and ‘don’t speak unless you are spoken to’, it becomes difficult to express your true self. And so we go along with the influences of society and our caregivers.

It would be great to be in a position where we are completely happy and fulfilled. Many people are, but quite a few more are still on the journey to that point. If you are starting to work on your dream life, then it is time to be questioning the rules of life.

Think deeply about the expectations from others that shaped your life to the point where it is now. A great place to start is to remove the word¬†should from your vocabulary and your internal dialogue. Re-write the rules of your life that don’t resonate with you, and start living on your terms. There is no doubt that some of the old rules will be OK for you. But the rules that don’t fit your idea of your dream life need to be erased and your own rules added. Then you have every chance to live your life your way.