Goal Setting Action Plan

Why Create a Goal Setting Action Plan?
A life without a plan is like driving from A to B in a foreign city without a map. Creating a Goal Setting Action Plan is essential to moving forward towards your dream life. Not only do you need to question the rules of […]

Smash your Dreamline List Today in 5 Fast Steps

Seriously lacking the motivation at the moment to work on your Dreamline list? Here are 5 Steps You Can Take Today to Smash your Dreamline List.
Step 1 – Go find your Dreamline List
You know the one you wrote out six months ago and shoved in your underwear drawer? The list you forgot […]

Fast and Furious Saving for Long Term Travel and a Strange Question from my Mother

My mother is lovely, she really is, but geez she asks some random questions. It is hardly her fault. She is over 80 after all. And please don’t be rude, I am not THAT bloody old, she just had me ridiculously late. It is challenging having a mother who is […]

How to Take Charge of your Life in the Next Six Months

If you could do anything in the next 6 months to change your life what would it be? What would be a Dreamline so far out of your comfort zone that it would scare you half to death if you actually did it? A Dreamline so big that your life […]

I’m Fine Thanks

Have you ever done something epic? I haven’t. I have never been one to want to change the world, just my world. But a few months ago, some guys from the USA had a message so strong that they wanted to share it with the world. They did something epic. […]