Cost of Living in Ao Nang Thailand

The Cost of Living in Ao Nang Thailand
Now we have settled into our groovy little digs in Ao Nammao Thailand, we are starting to get a bit of an idea about the cost of living in Ao Nang Thailand. Previous trips have seen us go nuts on a 2 week […]

Location Independent in Thailand

Dreamline: to become Location Independent in Thailand.
There is something to be said about taking life by the balls and finally doing something fulfilling. That one thing you have been yearning for. Like a dull ache in the back of your consciousness that often gets pushed away as you go through […]

Fast and Furious Saving for Long Term Travel and a Strange Question from my Mother

My mother is lovely, she really is, but geez she asks some random questions. It is hardly her fault. She is over 80 after all. And please don’t be rude, I am not THAT bloody old, she just had me ridiculously late. It is challenging having a mother who is […]

No Travel Planning Required

My longest jaunt overseas was a few years ago now. It was a four month trip. I planned it top to tail including hotels, transfers, a few pre-organized meet ups with friends, as well as a handful of day trips and even a cooking class or three. As many of […]

Are you having a Breakdown or a Breakthrough?


I was listening to The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss the other day and this quote nearly made me stop dead in my tracks. “Are you having a Breakdown or a Breakthrough? “. You know when you have an understanding that something in your life is super tough. […]