One Way Ticket to Asia

One Way Ticket to Asia

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but the past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. A whirlwind of visiting friends, some delightful small gatherings and final farewells with relatives. We had a massive wedding on hubby’s side of the family which was a fantastic way to catch up with everyone and tell them our crazy plans. Plus, we both overindulged with way too much food and wine thrown into the mix. If I remember rightly, I hiccuped and giggled all the way back from the wedding reception. By my side was hubby chuckling softly and shushing me to be quiet. Yeah right. I just increased the intensity of hiccups and giggles in the middle of a still night. The other hotel guests must have wondered what the silly bunch of noises were that emanated across the ground. It has been a riot of fun capped off with a weekend in Sydney with our closest friend prior to flying out on Monday 11 March – one way ticket in hand.

The only way to really describe how I have felt in these past weeks though is from Seinfeld.

(Kramer) “I’m freaking right out here Jerry!”

Surely you have had this type of lead up to a big life event. Super excited one minute, and totally flipping out the next. When a gigantic life change is about to happen, it is usually accompanied by mixed emotions.  In my mind, this is a massive change. I have temporarily given up a great life for the hope of an even greater one.

For me taking the plunge, and the time, I have been pining for over the past 18 months to finally work in my business is monumental. It means that I need to move my business from a pipe dream to a reality. There is a mountain of work and adjustment in front of me, in front of both of us, as we adjust to this new life. Going overseas but not going on holidays is quite bizarre. No activities to plan, no Pina Coladas by the ocean, no shopping ‘til you drop, no over indulgences  It doesn’t have that same vacation anticipation. In many ways that is a good thing. Whilst I always feel like a tourist in a foreign country, I still want to absorb myself into the culture and get to know the locals, not just go nuts for 7 days and come home exhausted.

My motivation is that I want the lifestyle of earning my income from my laptop. This lifestyle means different things to different people. For me it means time to spend with family and friends, and time to travel on a flexible schedule and see the world. Many times I have sat down and thought about the alternatives such as working temp jobs and saving to go on extended trips. It could work, but it doesn’t hold the same appeal in my eyes.

What would this type of lifestyle mean to you?