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Why it is Important to Set Goals

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Dont be afraid to set big scary goals

Setting goals and objectives seems like a logical thing to do at this time of year. The new year gives us a renewed sense of hope and inspiration and if the past year hasn’t been one of your best, then it feels like a new start. There are plenty of ways to tackle setting important goals. Here are a few ideas:

  • Search for tips for setting goals
  • Use a setting goals template or setting goals worksheet
  • Read a heap of quotes on setting goals and find your inspiration
  • Find a good goal setting website and get some cool ideas
  • Use a SMART goal template or…


Or you can set Dreamlines! This is something my husband and I did just after Christmas. You have seen the rough dreamline that I posted in Making Excuses Rather than Decisions. So far, my progress with this rough outline is:

6 Months

HAVE: I have bought my laptop, but at this moment, I can’t afford a phone too. The laptop was a higher priority though my current phone has a nasty habit of freezing and turning itself off after I updated it. Not happy

DO:  No cute baby orangutan yet

BE: A business owner not employee. I have now made the firm decision to cease paid employment as of 1 March and give my scrapbooking business a fair crack. Which leads me to….

12 Months

BE: Well, I am the owner of an online business, I just haven’t launched, therefore I am not currently making money

DO: Live overseas for a minimum 3 month period. My new year’s resolution, if there is such a thing, was to book a one way ticket and I have in fact done that. Yippee!!

HAVE: Half my mortgage paid off. This one will depend entirely on income. If the business doesn’t make enough mone in 6 months time, I will obviously consider a real job again, if and only if my basic living expenses are not being met. If they are and the minimum repayments are being made of the mortgage, I will focus on business not employment.

Here are my specific Dreamlines for the next 6 and 12 months.

6 Months


-Galaxy Note 2 Phone. Cost per day $4.12 or $750 in total. That by the way is the cost of a return ticket somewhere… scary.


- Learn stand up paddle boarding. Cost about $60 to hire a board or free if I go to a demonstration day. Daily cost $0.33

- Snorkel on Phi Phi Island again and stay overnight. Cost about $150? Daily cost $0.83


- Able to speak Thai enough to get me by and have a bit of a conversation with the locals

- Confident and fast scrapbooker so I can make products for my business easily rather than struggling like I currently do.

12 Months


- Financially self sufficient. To me this means that my bills and living expenses are paid through my business not employment. Cost $0. Just lots of hard work


- I don’t have any particular things I want to do yet. The next six months will be exciting enough!


- Business generating $1000 per week. This is well above my current wage.

- Self Sufficient House. Whilst I still have to pay access to utilities etc, I would like to add to our solar panels so we have no electricity bill and also add solar hot water along with water tanks to support our use. We would still have to pay water access, but not excess usage. We aim to do this through Income Tax Returns at the end of financial year. Total cost $5000. Daily cost $13.70 per day.

So the total income per day that I need to generate on top of my regular expenses is $18.98. Not much actually. I would love it if that income came from business obviously. Rather than doing any of those general goal setting things that I mentioned before (Search for tips for setting goals, Use a setting goals template or setting goals worksheet, Read a heap of quotes on setting goals and find your inspiration, Find a good goal setting website and get some cool ideas or use a SMART goal template), you can set Dreamlines and clearly see exactly what the cost of your dreams really is.

Treat your life like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Set Dreamlines that excite and inspire you and then work hard at making them happen. So, have you set your dreamlines yet? If you have great! You can comment below and don’t forget you can share them with our community here. If you haven’t, then there is not better time than now.

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  • Seeing someone like you Bec achieving your dreamlines is inspiring. I have been hugely inspired by the Four Hour Work Week. Now I will be powering on with my Dreamlining process.

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