Writing down your Dreamlines, Goals and Bucket List is the key to getting what you want. I have previously told you the story about finding my Dreamline list and having done everything on it. Now for goals and lists. Or more importantly, writing it down.

When hubby and I took our last mini retirement, we found out while we were overseas that our tenants had kind of trashed our house. There was a decent amount of damage to floors, some creative art on the walls etc etc. The worst was the water damage to our kitchen. We had already decided to renovate it in a few years time when we had the money to pay for it, but this was brought forward very quickly. Life throws the bad at you sometimes, but along with that also comes the good.

We had plenty of time for contemplation at the end of this particular trip. For one, we were traveling slowly, and for seconds, we were caught in a coup in Thailand. As the red shirt riots in Bangkok went nuts and came to a brutal end, people started heading home to Chiang Mai. Holed up in a delightful guesthouse Elliebum whilst Chang Mai was under full curfew, we wrote a list of everything we wanted in our new kitchen, all whilst enjoying the best coffee in Chiang Mai from our host Gade. Both of us have a love of cooking and had some cracking ideas to make a practical and functional workspace. There was also the added pleasure of ripping out our sexy 80s pink kitchen. In Phuket, we spent an afternoon looking at kitchen showrooms for a modern Asian perspective on things. Wow. More ideas were written down and the list ended up being just over 2 pages long.

Our new functional kitchenTwo years down the track I found that list whilst looking for a delicious recipe from Elliebum. I read it out to dear hubby and we were amazed. There was one thing missing from the list – a screw on bottle opener like the cool ones in hotels throughout Asia. We had searched everywhere but couldn’t find one. Everything else we had written down was in our kitchen. We hadn’t even taken the list to the kitchen supplier.

Our dream kitchen had cemented itself in our world. BTW, that is why “Have no mortgage and stay out of debt” is on the Bucket List, the kitchen and house renovation is our mortgage. It is worth it though, cooking in our kitchen is a dream.

What have you written down that has amazed you when you found it later on?